Up Your Wedding Transportation Game with
Pineapple Pedicabs


Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties

Start using Pineapple Pedicabs before the wedding day arrives. Our fleet of pedicabs can safely deliver you and your crew to every stop planned for your bachelor or bachelorette party. Give your guests the gift of safe, reliable, and fun transportation to make your big night out absolutely amazing.

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Wedding Party Shuttle

Does your wedding venue have limited on-site parking so guests may be required to park a short distance from the actual venue. Pedicabs decorated with flowers and ribbons can give guests fast, fun rides to and from the parking lot.


Just Married Pedicab Parade

Make a modern twist on the long-standing tradition of tying streamers and cans to the back of a car with a pedicab instead. After you and your love have exchanged vows and that first kiss as spouses, hop on the back of the pedicab for a low-carbon-footprint parade through town


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