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Why Advertise with Pineapple Pedicabs?

Pedicabs offer a fun and memorable form of advertising.  Pedicabs and their drivers work outside, where the people are, providing a direct and personal line of communication to your potential clients. 


Pedicabs are great to advertise a local bar or restaurant, a new store opening or a show/ convention coming to town.  With Pineapple Pedicabs you can inform the people of Reno about your product or event in a fun exciting way  

We offer a range of different advertising options to fit your needs.
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Back Panel Advertising

A rolling billboard that offers maximum exposure to everyone on the street.  easily printed and installed, this is a vinyl print that goes directly on the back panel of the pedicab.

Wrap Advertising
Wrap Advertising gives you a wider canvas to advertise on. This add will wrap around the back and both sides of the pedicab.


Tablet Advertising
do you prefer a direct connection with riders?  Each pedicab is equipped with a tablet that sits directly in front of the guests.  guests have the option to pick their own music and take photos with a Photo Booth app.  ads also appear on the tablet screen.  a lot of pedicab clients are tourists seeking activities in reno making this a great way to promote local businesses or events.


Brand Ambassadors
Our pedicab drivers offer an emotional connection with your potential customers. Pedicab drivers are often asked questions about the best places to visit in town. As an ambassador, our drivers can pass out flyers, coupons, samples or other marketing material to your prospective clients and convention attendees.  

We even have the option for our ambassadors to wear shirts promoting your company.


Free Ride Campaigns
There are a couple of different forms of Free Ride Campaigns. 

Cultivate a positive relationship and brand awareness with your customers by offering complimentary rides to the community from your company. Pineapple Pedicab drivers act as Brand Ambassadors, promoting the gift from your company verbally, with promotional material and/ or social media.

You can also promote attendance to your event by offering pre-paid pedicab rides to your clients.  



We look forward to joining forces with your company!