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Did you know?
...we are an advertising company with a biking problem

Advertising with us offers several benefits to your company, some of which include slow-moving ads, building genuine relationships with consumers, increased brand awareness, and community engagement. you want your ads to be displayed on our large Digital screens while we ride around the Biggest Little City!

Advertisers have two main options for unique and effective advertising with Pineapple Pedicab: digital back panel advertising which consists of a rolling billboard that offers maximum exposure to everyone on the street and tablet advertising, which consists of advertisement displayed in the tablet that sits directly in front of the guests in the pedicab.



Digital billboard

  • Digital LED screen on the back panel of the pedicab

  • Tablet provides a direct connection with guests

  • Ads can be changed within 24 hours to help promote upcoming events or special promotions

  • The ad is on screen 5 seconds​

  • 15-second video ad space available

  • 1000s of impressions a week

  • Pedicabs are out a minimum of 20 hours a week (weather depending)

  • Eliminates paper! Helping with our goal to prevent unnecessary waste!

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Our pedicab drivers establish an emotional connection with your potential customers. Pedicab drivers are frequently asked for recommendations about the best places to visit, eat and stay in town. As an ambassador, our drivers can pass out flyers, coupons, samples or other marketing material to your prospective clients and convention attendees.

Our ambassadors can even wear shirts or other accessories to promote your company.

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Cultivate a positive relationship and brand awareness with your customers by offering complimentary rides to the community from your company. Pineapple Pedicab drivers act as Brand Ambassadors, promoting the gift from your company verbally, with promotional material and/ or social media.

You can also promote attendance at your event by offering pre-paid pedicab rides to your clients.

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