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Turn off, tune in, it's time to make some new friends! Join us for something different this February 5th.

Pineapple Pedicabs is taking over Reno Brew Bike to bring you a one of a kind tour. Get ready to step back into the 90s! This means NO PHONES! Leave them in your car or hand them to us as you grab your seat! In fact, leave everything at home (except your flannel), this tour includes EVERYTHING, yes, even the tip is included in the ticket price!

Don't worry about needing your phone for documenting - we will have cameras (yes, 35mm) available for you to use - give us about a week to get those photos back to you (I'm not joking)!

On this all-inclusive tour you will be stopping at The Reno Home Brewer to drink a pint while you etch on a pint (yes, you get a souvenir to remember this tour). You will be pedaling your new pint over to The Depot where you will learn to make a custom cocktail and enjoy some snacks. For our last stop we will pedal over to Thali to learn how to make and enjoy Besan (Garbanzo Bean Fudge) and enjoy a glass of wine and/ or tea.

This tour requires minimum of 10 people to go. Maximum of 15. If you can't book please email us to get added to the wait list.

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