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Brewery Hopping Made Fun: Why You Should Take a Pineapple Pedicabs Brewery Tour

Are you a beer lover looking for a unique way to explore the Reno brewery scene? Look no further than Pineapple Pedicabs brewery tour! Here are just a few reasons why you should hop on one of our pedicabs and join us for a tour: Convenient transportation: With Pineapple Pedicabs, you don't have to worry about driving or parking. Our pedicabs are a fun and eco-friendly way to travel from one brewery to another, and we can even customize the tour to include your favorite spots. Local knowledge: Our tour guides are locals who know the Reno brewery scene inside and out. They can provide recommendations on the best beers to try, the coolest spots to hang out, and the most interesting history and culture of each brewery. VIP treatment: When you join our brewery tour, you'll get the VIP treatment at each brewery we visit. Skip the line and enjoy special access and discounts at some of the most popular breweries in town. Meet new people: Our brewery tour is a social experience that allows you to meet other beer enthusiasts and make new friends. Share your love of beer and swap stories with other travelers while enjoying delicious craft beer. Fun and safe: With Pineapple Pedicabs, you can relax and have fun without worrying about getting behind the wheel. Our professional pedicab drivers ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone. On this tour we stop at 4 different Breweries and learn all about how each micro brewery makes beer a little differently. Did I mention you get a flight of beer at each stop? So, what are you waiting for? Book your Pineapple Pedicabs Brewery District Tour today and experience the best of the Reno brewery scene in a unique and memorable way!

Discover the Thrilling World of Pedicab Driving with Pineapple Pedicabs!

Are you looking for a job that's unlike anything you've ever experienced? Look no further than pedicab driving! At Pineapple Pedicabs, we offer an exciting opportunity to join our team and become part of Reno's vibrant community. Whether you're a fitness enthusiast, a passionate Reno local, or a social butterfly, we have the perfect position for you. Join us and embark on a thrilling journey as a pedicab driver! Why Choose Pineapple Pedicabs? What sets Pineapple Pedicabs apart is our inclusive approach. We welcome everyone, whether you're new to Reno or have lived here your entire life. We provide comprehensive training to ensure you're well-prepared to represent our brand and deliver exceptional service. Additionally, if you find all three positions appealing, you have the option to work in multiple roles, maximizing your earning potential and diversifying your experiences. Pineapple Pedaler: Burn Calories While Earning: If you love staying active and want to get paid for it, the Pineapple Pedaller position is your ideal fit. As a Pedaller, you'll cruise around Reno, soaking in the scenic beauty and burning those extra calories. No need to engage with customers; just focus on pedaling and enjoying the ride. With a flexible schedule and a rate of $15 per hour, this role is perfect for fitness enthusiasts looking to make money while staying in shape. Pineapple Guides: Show off Reno's Best: Are you a passionate Reno local with an undeniable love for the city? Become a Pineapple Guide and showcase the best parts of Reno to visitors and tourists. We're looking for energetic and enthusiastic individuals who can provide an engaging and informative experience for our guests. As a guide, you'll have the freedom to choose your working hours, allowing you to pursue other interests alongside your guiding responsibilities. Earn between $20 and $30 per hour while sharing your knowledge and love for Reno. Pineapple Socialite: Embrace the Party Atmosphere: Are you the life of the party, always buzzing with energy and a love for socializing? Join us as a Pineapple Socialite and get paid to attend exciting events and celebrations. Whether it's weekends, holidays, or special occasions, you'll be at the heart of the action, mingling with people and creating memorable experiences. From weddings to MidTown District's First Thursdays, you'll be a part of Reno's most happening events. Enjoy flexible working hours and earn $15 to $20 per hour, ensuring that you wake up feeling great the next day. Not sure which position is right for you? Take our Pineapple Pedicabs Personality Position Quiz! It's super fun and easy! Are you ready to embark on a one-of-a-kind adventure in the world of pedicab driving? Join Pineapple Pedicabs and immerse yourself in the excitement of Reno. Whether you're pedaling, guiding, or socializing, every day will be filled with fun and unique encounters. Experience the joy of getting paid to stay active, share your passion for Reno, and be at the heart of the city's most memorable events. Apply now and become a valued member of the Pineapple Pedicabs family!

Give Your Wedding Guests a Ride to Remember with Pineapple Pedicabs

Wedding season is upon us and this year promises to be a busy one. Countless couples delayed their nuptials in anticipation of a more crowd-friendly world in which to throw the celebration of a lifetime. Every bride- or groom-to-be wants their big day to be special, unique, and full of fun surprises for their guests. Small details can make a big impact on your guests’ experience. One way to wow them is to incorporate pedicabs into your plans. There are a number of ways that pedicabs can add flare and fun to your wedding. Here are a few ideas for using pedicabs to impress your guests and make your big day memorable. Pre-Wedding Shenanigans: Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties The time to start using Pineapple Pedicabs is before the wedding day arrives. Our fleet of pedicabs can safely deliver you and your crew to every stop planned for your bachelor or bachelorette party. Give your guests the gift of safe, reliable, and fun transportation to make your big night out absolutely amazing. Transport Guests on Pedicabs The most common way that pedicabs are incorporated into weddings and receptions are for guest transports. Let’s say your wedding venue has limited on-site parking so guests may be required to park a short distance from the actual venue. Pedicabs decorated with flowers and ribbons can give guests fast, fun rides to and from the parking lot. It is also quite common for the ceremony and reception to be held at different locations. Rather than have guests move their cars from one location to the next, you can offer them pedicab rides instead! Pedicabs can be used to transport wedding guests from the ceremony to the reception site safely and efficiently. Guest transportation of this kind is especially important and appreciated for anyone with limited mobility. Pineapple Pedicabs has a full fleet of pedicabs to limit wait times and get your guests where they need to be quickly and enjoyably. Wedding Party Transports Another fun way to use pedicabs in a wedding is to transport the wedding party to and from the various locations. A fleet of pedicabs can be decked out in flowers and other decorations and deliver bridesmaids, groomsmen, ring bearers, and flower girls to the site of the ceremony, reception, or back to their hotel at the end of the night. And of course, the happy couple can also ride this way in style. Just Married Pedicab Parade Make a modern twist on the long-standing tradition of tying streamers and cans to the back of a car with a pedicab instead. After you and your love have exchanged vows and that first kiss as spouses, hop on the back of the pedicab for a low-carbon-footprint parade through town. People will clap and cheer for you while your personal chariot takes you on a romantic ride as newlyweds. Sightseeing Rides Around Town Why not treat your guests, especially out of towners, to a sightseeing tour around the city? Guests can take a break from the dance floor to hit the streets instead for a pedicab sightseeing tour to show off the highlights of the wedding destination. Pineapple Pedicabs is well versed in Reno art, history, and culture and can accommodate groups up to ten on a tour of the couple’s choice. This use of pedicabs can make for a very memorable experience your guests won’t soon forget. If you and your beloved are planning to get hitched in Reno, Pineapple Pedicabs can help. From simple guest transports to wedding party parades or fully-formulated sightseeing tours, Pineapple Pedicabs would love to be a part of your big day.

Happy Birthday Pineapple Pedicabs!

Two years! Woooohoooo!!! Happy 2nd Birthday Pineapple Pedicabs! To celebrate, I would like to share the birth story of Pineapple Pedicabs with you. Every September in Reno, we have the Great Reno Balloon Race at San Rafael Park. In 2018 my friends and I attended the balloon race. At the end of the event, we were waiting for a cab, an hour goes by, and we are still waiting with no end in sight. As we grew impatient, I started to wonder, where are the pedicabs? I looked at my friends and asked, "Have you guys ever seen pedicabs in Reno?!" My friends looked around, puzzled as we all realized that there were no pedicabs in Reno. "OMG! That's it, I'm gonna start a pedicab business in Reno!" (Photo below was taken during this conversation) That was all I needed, an idea. From the first time I stepped foot in Reno, I was in love. It was my dream to move to The Biggest Little City, all I needed was a way to support myself, and now I had it! Eight months later, after loads of research, talking to numerous people and other local businesses, I opened Pineapple Pedicabs on May 17, 2019. I have been passionate about pedicabbing since the first time I ever drove a pedicab in Key West, FL, in 2012. I couldn't wait to bring my pedicab passion to Reno. Reno is a rad, progressive, artsy town that needed local, environmentally-friendly transportation to show locals and tourists all that Reno had to offer. I came up with the name Pineapple Pedicabs since pineapples are the international symbol of friendship and hospitality. Also, I wanted to bring some of that Key West tropics vibe to the desert. Did I mention the alliteration; it's fun, go ahead, say it out loud, Pineapple Pedicabs! In 2019 I bought my first pedicab and named him Keeno in honor of my dog that had passed the same day. The first summer was fun and a huge growing experience. In Reno, it was challenging to find someone who even knows what a pedicab was. People were so shocked; they thought my pedicab was an art piece going to Burning Man. I converted Keeno into not only another form of transportation but an experience. To raise awareness, I started giving free rides down the main strip to show bystanders what they were missing. Pineapple Pedicabs is now a staple in Reno that locals and tourists enjoy. We have grown to have employees now riding the other pedicabs. These employees represented the Pineapple Pedicab brand and offered more rides in different parts of the town. In fact, the following year, my team and I were able to attend the Great Reno Balloon Race and offer rides to the attendees. Below is one of our pedicabs at the Great Reno Balloon Race in 2019. We have also started doing specialized tours around Reno. Reno isn't known for its art, but it is rich in Murals and sculptures scattered throughout the city. On my tours around Downtown, Midtown, and the Riverwalk, you get a private, informative tour around some of Reno's most hidden yet spectacular pieces. This 2021 summer, Pineapple Pedicabs will start the season with five pedicabs rolling around Reno, providing safe, COVID-friendly transportation. We look forward to seeing you out there!

Hit the Reno Social Scene Safely with Pineapple Pedicabs

May is underway, and things are heating up in Reno! As covid restrictions relax and vaccination rates increase, people are getting back out and socializing. Ready to have some fun? We have a brewery tour that will get you safely back in the social game! Time to Take a Brewery Tour! Reno has a rich and delicious craft beer scene, and nothing says summer is coming like a sunny pedicab ride and some cold beer! Pineapple Pedicabs will take your group on a private, scenic ride through mural-rich locations in Reno as you make your way to three different local breweries. Your personal, local pedicab guide knows a thing or two about Reno. She will share behind-the-scenes info on the art, the breweries, and other points of interest along the way. This Pineapple Pedicabs tour includes stops and beer tastings at 10 Torr, Pigeon Head, and Record Street breweries. Don’t forget to tip your bartenders! The tour takes about 2 ½ to 3 hours and can accommodate 2-10 riders. On this tour, you are guaranteed to experience life like a real Renoite and have a fun, safe, social time! Brewery Tour Details: Booked at a day and time convenient for your party 2-10 guests Visits to 10 Torr, Pigeon Head, and Record Street breweries Beer tastings at each of the three breweries (total of 4-5 pints each) Mural and history tour along the way $100 per person, all-inclusive (except for tips) **Book Now at Pineapple Pedicabs Tours or call/text (775) 234-8188** What Has Pineapple Pedicabs Been Doing Lately? April was hoppin’ for Pineapple Pedicabs! Did you see the traveling egg or catch our interview on the news?! We had a very Hoppy Easter at the Midtown Easter Egg Hunt, the first event in Midtown since the pandemic began. Our drivers and riders were taking selfies with all the eggs, and plenty of people cashed in on a discounted ride by finding the super special and hard-to-spot Pineapple Pedicabs Egg. Our egg was on the move as it was attached to the pedicabs! Locally-owned Midtown businesses had a great weekend welcoming back customers and starting to recover from the major hit of the pandemic. Check out our interview below. Did you know you can book Pineapple Pedicabs in advance? Just call/text (775) 234-8188 to reserve your ride. You made it to the bottom! Thanks! To show our appreciation, use the code PineappleBeer at check out for $20 off the new Brewery Tour! Good through the end of June! 😁

Make Impressions with Pedicab Advertising in Reno

In the modern state of short attention spans and online advertising saturation, savvy marketers are always looking for advertising solutions that are effective and affordable. Pineapple Pedicabs has awesome options to increase impressions and brand awareness all over Reno. If you are looking to promote your event, product, brand, or storefront to visitors and locals in Reno, read on to see how pedicab advertising might be the perfect fit for your needs. Pedicab Advertising Really Works Advertising your brand or event with Pineapple Pedicabs offers some serious benefits over other options. Compared to other advertising mediums, pedicab ads are: Affordable and able to meet virtually any budget demands More effective, making 1000’s of longer impressions than other vehicles Eco friendly with zero emissions and far less waste Flexible, adaptable, and customizable Quick turnaround time, with ability to change ads to improve effectiveness Engaging, with the invaluable addition of real-time live brand ambassadors Make every penny of your advertising budget count. Pedicab advertising is the best choice for marketers in the know. Choose Pineapple Pedicabs to get advertising that rolls over the rest. We have a full suite of advertising services that will drive prospects to become loyal customers. Read on to learn a few ways pedicab advertising can help your business grow. Pedicab Street-Facing LED Screen Advertising One of the most common ways to advertise on a pedicab is to put your message on the back of the pedicab. This gets you thousands of impressions in the location where your potential customer is going to be–out and about on the street! Pineapple Pedicabs can provide digital space on our large LED screens for 5-second static images or video ads up to 15 seconds! Client-Facing Tablet Advertising Want your ads to reach potential customers that are riding with Pineapple Pedicabs? Tablet advertising is an excellent option to put your message in front of a captive audience. Tourists looking for the best restaurant in town or locals looking for a super fun upcoming event are seated and ready to receive your message. Pineapple Pedicabs can display your video or static image ad to riders, connecting with them directly. Up Your Engagement Game with Brand Ambassadors If you really want to make a lasting impression on potential customers, up your engagement game with Pineapple Pedicabs Brand Ambassadors. Our fleet of pedicabs are out a minimum of 20 hours per week, weather permitting. Our drivers are friendly, fun, and informative and our riders are always asking us for recommendations. A real-live human being who has already connected with your potential customer is the perfect person to talk up your brand, event, or storefront. We can wear your gear, pass out your schwag, and complement your visual ads with a personal approach. We are open to getting creative and trying new ideas. Let’s work together to customize your advertising strategy today. Free Ride Campaigns Want to drive traffic to your booth at the Reno-Sparks Convention Center? Looking for a fresh way to emotionally connect with potential customers to create loyalty? Free ride campaigns are an excellent way to emotionally connect with your prospects. We can deck out our pedicabs with on-brand messaging and offer convention attendees free rides, sponsored by your business to and from convention events. Our drivers will verbally promote your business and even pass out brochures, tickets, or coupons. Local businesses who want to show their appreciation to local customers and increase loyalty at the same time can offer free rides, too. A local brewery or restaurant, for example, can hire our fleet of pedicabs to offer guests a free ride home or to another location in the area. There are endless opportunities to make a lasting impression on customers with free rides that will keep them talking positively about your brand for the long haul. Pineapple Pedicabs is a locally-owned woman-run business ready and willing to advertise your brand all over Reno. If you're looking for a more effective way to make impressions, consider booking ads with us. Contact the Pineapples at 775-234-8188 to discuss options, get custom pricing, and get rolling on making your mark in Reno!

Pedicab Drivers 💛Love💛 What They Do

If you’ve ever jumped on the back of a Pineapple Pedicab, you know full well that taking a ride is seriously fun. But have you ever thought about being behind the pedals yourself? The team at Pineapple Pedicabs is growing and we are looking for a few fresh faces to join us. Read on to discover what it’s like to be a pedicab driver in a fast-paced, fun-filled job that doesn’t feel like work at all. Pedicab Drivers 💛Love💛 What They Do Sure, most people can pedal a bike and many people could handle a pedicab. But some people thrive working as a pedicab driver and love their job so much that it doesn't even feel like work. At Pineapple Pedicabs, we want our drivers to love what they do! That’s why we recruit drivers who are a good fit for our team and for the kind of work required. Of course, the human family is made up of all kinds of personalities and we love them all! We welcome people of every kind to apply for a pedicab driver job with us. In general, the people who love to drive a pedicab and find success behind the wheel are: Outgoing, friendly, energetic, entrepreneurial, and engaging Physically able to ride a bike and fit for long periods of exercise Outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy sunshine on their backs and wind in their faces Open-minded and non-judgemental about all members of the human family Interested in the art, history, and culture unique to Reno Pedicab Drivers Enjoy 🦸SUPER🦸 Flexible Schedules At Pineapple Pedicabs, we offer more than pick-up and drop-off services. We are a full-service tour company as well, offering a variety of pre-scheduled and coordinated tours for groups of up to ten people. That means our drivers enjoy a super flexible schedule, which helps them be fully engaged in everything else they have going on in their lives. We offer Tour Guide and Pedicab Driver positions, giving drivers the freedom to be one, the other, or both. Here’s the difference. Pineapple Pedicabs Tour Guide Work scheduled tours serving as a driver and tour guide to guests Tours are typically scheduled during the day Compensation is a set amount per tour plus tips Pineapple Pedicabs Cab Driver aka, The Hustle Perform some scheduled pickups and dropoffs but mostly hustling for business Actively look for riders, promote rides, and be present in busy areas where riders need a lift Mostly active during the evening, night, and weekend hours Day shifts are available during the peak summer season How Much 💰Money💰 do Pineapple Pedicab Drivers Make? Like other service-oriented jobs, how much a pedicab driver earns often comes down to being at the right place at the right time, fully engaging with customers, and making rides tip-worthy experiences. That being said, there are a few established policies to how things work on the financial side. Pedicab Drivers rent the pedicab for an established fee and keep ALL earnings from rides and tips Passenger fares are generally $10-$25 per person depending on the distance and difficulty of the ride Most of our drivers are operating 3-5 days a week, 5-10 hours a day, and averaging $400-$1000 a week How to Become a Pedicab Driver or Tour Guide Now that you know what a sweet gig pedicab driving can be, it’s time to talk about the steps to get you there, including a few special requirements. Pedicab drivers are responsible for delivering riders safely to their destination so every driver must: Be at least 18 years old Have a valid driver’s license Have a clean driver’s record, including no DUIs for at least three years Willing to obtain a valid Pedicab Driver license (more on this below) If you meet the basic requirements and are interested in driving for Pineapple Pedicabs, we have a tried and true process to get you up to speed and behind the wheel. Apply for a position online at Attend orientation Attend Try Out and Train, a full shift following a senior driver to hit the streets, learn the ropes, and make tips Meet with owner/operator Jaime to debrief, ask questions, and establish fit Obtain pedicab license, which is supported fully with step-by-step instructions and a payment plan for those who need assistance with the $400 license fee Decide if you’d rather do the hustle, guide tours, or both and sign up for shifts Tour Guides will gain knowledge and route info needed to be successful through further training and job shadowing with a senior Tour Guide. Being a pedicab driver is not for everyone but it is great for those who want their efforts to directly influence their income, who love meeting people from all over the world, and who love to be the life of the party but wake up feeling like a million bucks. Entrepreneurial spirits who want a taste of what it’s like to run your own business can make a great start with Pineapple Pedicabs. Contact us to get started today!

Pineapple Pedicabs Event Round Up for June

The Masks Came Off and the Streets Filled Up June has begun and there are countless ways for you to get out and have some fun! We have the inside scoop on a slew of upcoming events in Reno throughout the month of June. We are also super excited to tell you about a few new partnerships between Pineapple Pedicabs and local Reno businesses that will help you get more from all that Reno has to offer. But first, we had such a blast giving rides and tours last month, we have to share some of the highlights from May. Last Month: The Masks Came Off and the Streets Filled Up May was filled with positive developments for our local community and this local business, Pineapple Pedicabs. As the vaccination rate went up, the mask mandates came down. For the first time in a very long time, customers got to see our smiling faces while peddling them from one happening event to another. It has never felt so good to feel the sun on your entire face! In the News! May saw Pineapple Pedicabs on the news not just once, but four times! Brett Forest from Channel 4 News had us on the morning show for an informative interview. He even jumped on the pedicab and tried it out for a ride. He’s a natural and did great. Maybe we should hire him! You know, Pineapple Pedicabs is hiring drivers! Take Me Out to the Ball Game! Baseball is back and it is going to be big! We are thrilled to announce a partnership with the Reno Aces minor league team. Ride with us to or from the game and score a juicy discount on your next Aces ticket! Opening day kept our drivers very busy shuttling baseball fans to and from Greater Nevada Field. Enjoy the return of summer’s favorite sport with a safe, fun ride with Pineapple Pedicabs. If you see the Aces flags flying off the back of our Pineapple Pedicabs, it’s game day in Reno! Babes, Brides, and Bubbles Pineapple Pedicabs was elated to be a part of the Babes, Brides, and Bubbles event at Moonlight Lace Boutique on Sunday, May 23rd. Eight local businesses came together to help brides and upcoming wedding guests find must-have services, items, and outfits for the big days ahead. Speaking of weddings, did you know Pineapple Pedicabs does weddings, too? Treat your guests to a unique transportation experience with our team of pedicabs. More info to come on this service soon! Brew Tours in Full Effect for Summer Fun Nothing cools down a hot summer afternoon like the wind in your face and a cold beer to your lips! Get both with a Pineapple Pedicabs Brewery Tour! Guests receive a behind-the-scenes tour at three local breweries and a tasting flight of the delicious libations at each and every stop. Locals and tourists alike stand to have a tasty good time with a Pineapple Pedicabs Brewery Tour. Book yours today! We are hiring summer drivers. Stay tuned for an upcoming article on what it’s like to drive a pedicab. Interested in driving with us? Call or text 775-234-8188 Make June Plans with Pineapple Pedicabs We are expecting a super busy month of June with loads of events and a serious upswing in tourism for our fun, friendly city. Check out these upcoming events and get booked before all the spots sell out. Pineapple Pedicabs Making our Mark all Over Reno Waiting to hop on a brewery tour with us? Need a ride to the Aces game? Just want to jump on board to your next stop with friends? Look for our logo, which will be coming soon to a Reno curb near you! Just look for our logo, stand on it, and a pedicab will be there shortly to deliver you safely to your destination. June Reno Small Business Bingo: Who doesn’t love a good game of bingo? Reno Small Business Bingo is a way for savvy customers like you to support local businesses and get discounts on food, drink, and local merchandise, too! Every bingo gets you entered into a drawing for a grand prize. Pineapple Pedicabs riders are in for a treat! Take a brewery tour with us in the month of June and you will be guaranteed to get a bingo! Download the June Bingo card here. Reno Aces Home Games at Greater Nevada Field: Look for Aces flags flying off our pedicabs and ride with Pineapple Pedicabs to the ballpark. Best yet? When you ride with us, you are eligible for a discount on your next Aces game ticket! Talk about a hit! Home games are scheduled for: June 3rd-8th versus the Sacramento River Cats June 17-2nd versus the Albuquerque Isotopes Reno Food & Drink Week: Come taste all the yummy flavors Reno has to offer from June 2 - June 9 at Reno Food & Drink Week. Check out which dining establishments are participating at this link and book a ride with Pineapple Pedicabs to and from the restaurant. The Return of Food Truck Fridays: June 4th marks the much-anticipated return of Food Truck Fridays at Idlewild Park. Save yourself the hassle of parking, which is always a challenge at this well-attended event. Instead, park at the high school and let us deliver you right to the entrance. And that’s not all that’s happening in Reno this June! Check out these other events and book a ride with Pineapple Pedicabs for a fun, safe, experience! Reno Art Fest: June 4-6 Street Vibrations: June 4-6 Reno River Festival: June 12-13 Reno Rodeo: June 17-27 Those boots weren’t made for walking! Parking is a real challenge at the rodeo. Book with us and get dropped off right at the entrance. Yee haw! Reno Wine Walk: June 19 Sierra Arts Festival: June 26-27 Dog Fashion Show at The Eddy: June 26, 12-5 pm, sponsored by The Long Drink, benefitting Nevada Humane Society Spread the love! Pineapple Pedicabs is proud to partner with these local businesses. Rum Sugar Lime: We’ve been working with Rum Sugar Lime since the very beginning and are happy to keep our partnership going. Stay tuned to our social channels for a chance to win a Rum Sugar Lime gift card. The Long Drink: This partnership survived the pandemic with good reason. They are crafting up delicious beverages that will make any summer cooler fully stocked and they throw some amazing events, too. Cheers to doing great business together! Reno Aces: This partnership was originally slated to begin right before everything shut down in March 2020. Thankfully, we are back on track and ready to provide discounted Aces tickets to people who ride to the game with Pineapple Pedicabs. This is Reno: If you don’t already, you have got to become a subscriber to This is Reno. This digital magazine will keep you in the know on all things Reno thanks to Bob and his team of talented writers. Sign up for a better news alternative

Pineapple Pedicabs Guide for Reno in February

Ah, the lovers month! 😍 Love is in the air and we are ready to celebrate! We have a bunch of fun tours coming up for the couples…and the singles…and the folks that are just looking to make some friends….and well, hey we have new tours for EVERYONE! So don’t stop reading because we’re about to tell you more. And, make sure you check out Pineapple Pedicab’s Happy Hour Collection! Who doesn’t love things that make you HAPPY! You can get all the joyous, exciting, pleasing info about our extra fun Happy Hour Tour here! But first, let’s look at last month: Did you miss us? After Let It Glow and all the crazy weather we’ve had in January we took the month off! We are now rested, bundled up, and READY to get on the streets this month! Keep scrolling to see all of the ways you can catch a warm fuzzy pedicab ride this February!! Looking Forward: New and Re-Releasing Tours A ‘Date’ Night Tour 💕 It’s baaaaack! Roll out the red carpet and feel like the VIP that you are on our A 'Date Night‘ Out Tour, a private all-inclusive, completely curated evening out in Downtown Reno to celebrate love in all shapes & sizes. This tour includes cocktails (or mocktails), a fine dining experience, tickets to see a show at The Theatre, a romantic pedicab ride during sunset, and a pedicab tour of Burning Man Art, Downtown Reno, and the Truckee Riverwalk. Two options for shows: Friday: Hush Saturday & Valentines Day: Magique Tour details: This private group tour can accommodate 2-8 people. For ages 21 and older. Don't forget to add on chocolate covered strawberries from Sierra Chocolates and roses from Flowers by Patti! Make sure to book this one soon! This tour WILL SELL OUT!!! Dates: Feb 4, 10, 11, 14, 17, 18, 24, & 25 Start Times: 4:45pm or 5:15pm Book Here 👌 RENO UNPLUGGED TOUR Turn off, tune in, it's time to make some new friends! Join us for something different this February 5th. Pineapple Pedicabs is taking over to bring you a one of a kind tour. Get ready to step back into the 90s, which means NO PHONES! Leave them in your car or hand them to us as you grab your seat! In fact, leave everything at home (except your flannel), because this tour includes EVERYTHING, yes, even the tip is included in the ticket price! Don't worry about needing your phone for documenting - we will have cameras (yes, 35mm old-school cameras) available for you to use - and give us about a week to get those photos back to you (we’re not joking)! On this all-inclusive tour you will be stopping to drink a pint at The Reno Home Brewer while you etch on a pint (yes, you get a souvenir to remember this tour). Then you will be pedaled to The Depot with your new pint over to where you will learn to make a custom cocktail and enjoy some snacks. For our last stop we will visit Thali learn how to make and enjoy Besan (Garbanzo Bean Fudge) and enjoy a glass of wine and/or tea. Book Here Pineapple Pedicabs Event Guide to February Wednesday, Feb 1 at 9:30pm: The Pig Quiz Show at Pignic First Thursdays - Thursday, Feb 2: By now you probably already know the drill but it’s MidTown’s First Thursday! You’re not going to want to miss this one! There are SO many specials happening and of course you can take a pedicab around to see all of the stops, but you can also walk your own custom night out in MidTown. Check out our suggested guide here! Details: Specials at MidTown businesses are all day 8am-11:50pm. Pedicabs will be available 4pm-8pm. Plus! Jade Cannabis specials 12-4pm: Jade Cannabis will be having a food truck and specials during First Thursdays! If you spend $40 at Jade you get a FREE meal at Pot Luck Truck!!! Friday, Feb 3 at 10pm: 02/03 at Pignic Saturday, Feb. 4 at 10:30pm: Karrie O’Neill at Pignic with 10 Torr Monday, Feb 6 at 6-8p: Stained Glass Head in Rocks at Black Rabbit Mead Friday, Feb 10 at 10pm: Johnny Harpo & Greg Grena at Pignic Saturday, Feb 11: White Out Festival at The Glow Plaza! Don’t forget to wear WHITE! Sunday, Feb 12: KANSAS CITY CHIEFS SUPERBOWL!!!! We are going to have a party at Wonder Ale Works! We invite EVERYONE to join us to cheer on the Chiefs!!!! Get your ticket HERE! $50 for all you can drink AND eat!!! Sunday, Feb 12: Cupid is Stupid- Anti Valentine’s Party at Pignic Friday, Feb 17 at 6pm: Deep House Dinner 2 at The Virgil with Bass Camp Saturday, Feb 18 - 9pm to late: Lonely Hearts Club at The Emerson Sunday, Feb 19 - 10pm: Club Haus at Pignic Saturday, Feb 25 at 7pm: Bass Camp Turns 10 at The Glow Plaza! Sunday, Feb 26 - Drag Brunch at The Emerson. Such a fun event that is sure to draw a crowd. Purchase tickets here before they sell out! Tuesday, Feb 28 at 6-8p:the Mountains are Calling! at 10 torr GIVEAWAYS & Specials 👀 Have you checked out Promantic yet? If you haven’t now is your chance! They’re offering a special for Valentine’s Day. Check them out here! Do you like joints!? Here is a special for 6 pre-rolls for $40 from Jade! Have you seen Rum Sugar Lime’s newest private event space, Nautilus? It’s beautiful! If you’re looking to have a special event, look no furter! Check out it out here! 🤙🏾 New Partnerships! It’s a new year and we are so excited to share some new partnerships with businesses that we not only love, but also you’re likely to see some EXCITING DEALS from soon! Stay tuned. First, We know you’ve heard of them but we are super excited to announce our new partnership with Junkee! Even if you aren’t a burner Junkee is the place to go to get your Valentine’s Day Outfit (or a flannel to wear on the Reno Unplugged tour). It’s time to get creative with, Studio 775 Reno! The best mobile painting parties in Reno. Check out their website or instragram to host your own party or attend a public party! Plus, We have just partnered with Bass Camp Fest! Can you think of a better partnership?! We are super to keep you all informed about the coolest shows coming to Reno! Purchase tickets to all their upcoming shows here! We have also started a new partnership with Jade Cannabis Co! Another perfect partnership, since as pedicab drivers we get asked where to buy weed all the time - we can now legally take you to buy some weed! And if you ask one of our drivers, we have 20% coupons we can give you (hint hint!) :) Still looking for more pedicab inspired fun? Check out our calendar to plan ahead.

Pineapple Pedicabs Guide to Reno this April

I know we are all sick of the weather but no one is over it more than Keeno, Number Two, Granny, Leta and Uncle James. These of course are the names of the Pineapple Pedicabs. These 5 are OVER the weather and they’re ready to get their wheels moving! We do know this winter will end.. right? So we are going to start preparing for the nice weather, which means there are lots of fun things coming up with month. But first, let’s chat about last month! We were super 🍀 LUCKY that the weather cleared up for all of us to have a wonderful, non-freezing, St. Patty’s Day weekend! We had SO much fun giving everyone a ride around Reno for St. Patrick’s Day! We want to send another THANK YOU to everyone that took and ride with us and to RTC and Devon Reece for sponsoring the free rides to make sure everyone got around safely while our celebrating the Irish! Want to get your business this much attention? 👇 KEEP READING! 👇 📺 Did you see us on the News?📺 Last month our Head Pineapple switched roles with Kolo 8 Reporter John Macaluso ! Check out this super fun interview Did you know? 🤔 You can watch our Head Pineapple on Kolo 8’s Morning Break with Katey every First Thursday to get a run down of all the fun things that are happening in Reno! 🌎 What's coming up in April 🌎 🎨 Call for Artists and Muralist Participate in MidTown's largest event of the year, July 6, 2023. Display, perform, or make your art in front of thousands at Dancing in the Streets, formerly known as the MidTown Art Walk! We are looking for ALL different types of local talent! We want artists, musicians, magicians, silk performers, dancers, puppeteers, painters you name it we have a spot for you to be a part of 2023 Dancing in the Streets! ​​ Please submit applications by May 5, 2023 ➡ APPLY HERE! ⬅ Mural Madness at Jade Jade Cannabis is seeking three muralists to be part of Jade’s Mural Collection. Three murals will be painted on the north side of Jade’s building They will also be on prints and branded as one of the house strains of cannabis. This is part of a live mural painting event running each month starting July 6th at Dancing in the Streets, Art Walk. Apply below or contact with questions. ➡ APPLY HERE! ⬅ #LOVEMIDTOWN DESIGN COMPETITION​ What makes MidTown the HeART of Reno? What do you LOVE about MidTown District Reno? MidTown Reno is seeking designs for new MidTown artwork! The winning artist's artwork will be displayed on various SWAG items and marketing materials used throughout the district (print and digital) in 2023.

Please submit artwork to by May 1, 2023. Be sure to include your name, email, and a short description of your artwork. The winner will be announced on May 15, 2023, at the Dancing In The Streets kick-off party. More information here 🥳 Not to miss Events🥳 April 3: Paint & Sip at Black Rabbit Mead it's Easter time, somehow, already. Paint a cuteeee little bunny! April 6: Don't forget about MidTown Reno's First Thursday! Happening all day on April 6th! Pineapple Pedicabs will be there from 6-9 pm giving you FREE RIDES all over MidTown! Learn more about other First Thursday specials throughout MidTown here. Want tips to getting the most our of First Thursday? Check out the Pineapple Guide to First Thursday on our Head Pineapple's instagram! 🎵 Music 🎵 April 6: Kayzo Unleashed April 20: 420 at Blue Bird April 21: Jon Caey 🌎 MidTown Earth Day 🌎 April 22 Time to get in the action! Come out on Saturday, April 22 from 10-2pm for the MidTown Earth Day event at Jade! We’re partnering with Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful (KTMB) to lead a Clean Up effort from 10-12pm. Check in at Jade Cannabis at 10am to get your gear and join us in the trash and green waste clean-up. After the clean-up, there will be an After Party at Jade Cannabis. Bring back a bag of trash and get rewarded from one of our awesome business partners. Several businesses will be there offering FREE things and helping out our community. We welcome anyone who cares about the environment, wants to give back to the community and to be part of MidTown. 🙏🏻 Give Back 🙏🏻 🐾 Fastest Pup on Two Wheels Fundraiser 🐾 Get ready for some puppy power! Starting April 1st through May 20th, help support paralyzed dogs and dogs with mobility issues by participating in the Hot Wheels Fundraiser. Professional photographer Donna Victor from Black Poodle Studio has donated her time and resources to capture amazing photos of these furry friends that will be displayed at Jade Cannabis starting April 6th, during MidTown's First Thursday. Donations start at just $5 and for every donation, you get to vote on which pup on two wheels you think will be the fastest in a race on May 20th. Want to get involved right now? Head to Jade to see the awesome photos and donate in person or visit to donate and vote online. Let's help these pups get moving and make a difference in their lives! Below is Donna showing the photos of the pups! See then in person at Jade starting on April 6th! 👯‍♂️ Ready to be friends? 👯‍♂️ Pineapple Pedicabs is in search of a home! We are great roomies and we bring a crowd and lots of good positive energy! There are 5 of us but we can be split up and all live alone, if needed. Do you know of an empty space in MidTown or Downtown that isn't being used?

Pineapple Pedicabs Guide to Reno this May

Happy Bike Month! It's May 2022, and Pineapple Pedicabs is ready to celebrate! With Bike Month underway, Cinco de Mayo right around the corner, and Mother's Day coming up, there's a lot to look forward to in the MidTown District. And Pineapple Pedicabs is at the center of it all!! It's our Birthday Month!!!! But before we get to all the fun! Let's take a minute and say thank you to Reno for finally bringing warm weather. Who needs spring anyway? Let's go straight to summer!!! With the good weather comes lots of fun tours and LOTS of new art around town. Check out some of the live art we got to see this week! 😉 Book our Downtown or Burning Man Tour to see the new murals! 😉 We also participated in the MidTown Earth Day event and picked up over 900 pounds of trash in the area. If you missed it, don't worry: we're hosting another MidTown clean-up event this month. MidTown Dog Day, bring your furry friends along, and let's keep our city beautiful! 😎 Did you catch a ride with Connie Wray did Earth Day at Idlewild? Connie was out talking to YOU about mental health and spreading the word about 988 and Crisis Support Services! Because you can talk about mental health with ANYONE even your pedicab driver! 📺 Are you fan of local news? Be sure to tune into Kolo 8's Morning Break show on the first Thursday of every month. Our Head Pineapple will be there, sharing all the latest news and happenings from MidTown District and Pineapple Pedicabs. 🚲 What's coming up in May 🚲 It's BIKE MONTH AND OUR BIRTHDAY!!!! We have lots and lots of fun things coming! Keep scrolling to see all the fun bike (and other) events! New Tours 👸 Let's Celebrate Mom Tour This tour is a super special way to celebrate mom! On this tour, you will enjoy brunch, make matching jewelry, and get a massage all while getting pedaled around the Heart of Reno, MidTown. Only three tickets left! Date: Saturday, May 13, 2023 Start Times: 10:00am, 11:00am, 12:00pm, 1:00pm Group Size: 2-3 people Length: 3 hours Cost: $245 per person Stops: Rebel Pioneer Brunch and Tea Silver State Jewelry Make matching stackable rings Reno Massage & Wellness Couples Massage 👉 Book Here 👈 ☀️Tequila & Tapas Tour ☀️ Offered only on Thursdays and Saturdays during the month of May! Pineapple Pedicabs has partnered with NINE different businesses for this tour! Not only that, we have custom created a menu for you at each stop, a perfect pairing of El Sativo Tequila with local food flare! Date: May 2023 Day of the Week: Thursday & Saturday Start Times: Every Hour between 12pm-6pm Length: 3 Hours Guests: 2-3 per pedicab Group Size: 2-10 Cost: $130 per person Stops: Forest Street Station Flight, education and pairing led by Jaime co-founder of El Sativo Cheese Pairing by Wheyfarer Wonder Aleworks El Sativo Cocktail paired with Tachos Noble Pie El Sativo Cocktail paired with Jalapeno Poppers Chuy’s El Sativo Coffee Cocktail Paired with Churros Coffee provided by Wood Fire Roasters Chocolate provided by Dorinda's Chocolates Coffee Liqueur by 10 Torr 👉 Book Here 👈 🎨 Call for Artists MidTown is looking for local talent to participate in MidTown's largest event of the year, July 6, 2023. Display, perform, or make your art in front of thousands at Dancing in the Streets, formerly known as the MidTown Art Walk! They want artists, musicians, magicians, silk performers, dancers, puppeteers, painters, and more! Please submit applications by May 5, 2023. ➡ APPLY HERE! ⬅ 🥳 NOT TO MISS EVENTS 🥳 🚲 May 4th - May the 4th be with you: 4-9pm MidTown First Thursdays Join us for another fun edition of MidTown First Thursdays! This time, we're celebrating Bike Month in MidTown with a May 4th Bike Ride led by our Head Pineapple and Truckee Meadows Bike Alliance. Don't forget: every First Thursday, you get free pedicab rides around MidTown. Plus, Jade Cannabis offers 20% off, and if you spend $40, you get a drink ticket for a free beer at Local Beer Works. Check out the full list of specials here. 🚲 May 11: 6pm at Craft Wine & Beer: What's in Reno's Bike Future & What's up with Center St. Cycletrack? Join us for a special presentation by the RTC focusing on Reno's bicycle and micromobility infrastructure. Bring all the questions and comments you can and take advantage of this special event to let your voice be heard. Be one of the first 20 attendees to show up on a bike for a free drink ticket. Join us at Craft Wine and Beer in Midtown Reno every Thursday at 6pm during the month of May for some bike month fun! 🎵 May 13th, 4pm - BASS CAMP! Party in Wingfield park! We're kicking off the "spring" live music season in Wingfield Park. Tickets are on sale now. ➡ TICKETS ⬅ 🚲 May 13, 9-12am: Bike Reno - Family-Friendly group bike ride May is Bike Month in Reno and we're celebrating by hosting a guided group ride around some of Reno's most bikeable areas. Bring a pool noodle and duct tape for maximum safety and fun plus enjoy FREE bike lights courtesy of Mayor Schieve. May 17th!!! 🎉 HAPPY BIRTHDAY PINEAPPLE PEDICABS!!!! 🎉 We are turning 4 years old!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! for supporting us! We will be doing something fun this day so make sure to follow us on instagram (you probably already are) to help us celebrate! 🚲 May 18th, 6pm at Craft Wine & Beer: Radical Adventure Rides & BikePacking Are you interested in adventure cycling and bikepacking? Whether you're a grizzled bikepacking veteran or are just interested in learning why the heck anyone would want to haul their camping gear around on their bike, you're invited to join TMBA and the Radical Adventure Riders for a special adventure cycling event. Be one of the first 20 attendees to show up on a bike for a free drink ticket. Join us at Craft Wine and Beer in Midtown Reno every Thursday at 6pm during the month of May for some bike month fun 🎨 May 18th, 6-8pm at South 40: Paint & Sip Girls Trip! Grab your girls and join us for a Paint and Sip party at South 40 Book Here. Use code S4051823 before May 4th for $5 off. May 20th, 12-3pm Race at 2pm at Jade in MidTown - Hot Wheels Fundraiser Join us for the Hot Wheels Fundraiser and donate to your favorite team. You can donate at Jade Cannabis in MidTown or at There will several adoption events happening around MidTown.If you bring a pup make sure to stop by the Sol Up tent to grab your FREE dog bandana! 🚲 May 25th, 6pm at Craft Wine & Beer: Dutch Cycling Embassy Presentation & Findings at the National Bike Summit In September 2022, The Dutch Cycling Embassy came to Reno for a 3 day workshop developed for local leaders and urban planners focusing on how to improve bicycling in and around Reno. Join us for a presentation on the findings and results of the workshop and a discussion about where cycling in Reno and the surrounding region can go from here. Plus, we'll be discussing what we learned from the 2023 National Bike Summit in Washington D.C. Be one of the first 20 attendees to show up on a bike for a free drink ticket. Join us at Craft Wine and Beer in Midtown Reno every Thursday at 6pm during the month of May for some bike month fun! 🎨May 25th, 6-8pm at The Eddy: Paint & Sip Paint & Sip the cutest Highlander! Super cute cow with flowers! Book here! Use code ED51123 before May 11th for $5 off. 🎵 May 27: Road to Bass Camp at Dead Ringer Catch this awesome show! First stop in Reno! Tickets on sale here! 🎨May 29 6-8pm at 10 Torr: Paint & Sip Red, White and Blue! Come paint your American Flag at 10 Torr with Studio 775 Reno. Book Here. Use code 10T5823 for $5 off! ⚾️ Reno Aces!!! Did you know Pineapple Pedicabs flys a big Reno Aces flag EVERY home game! This is your sign to celebrate the Aces and go enjoy a game! Home Games in May are: May 2-7: vs. Round Rock May 16-21: vs Sacramento Get your tickets HERE 💆‍♀️ Spring is Time for Care 💆‍♀️ Mentally and Physically we are all ready for a new season. New goals. New rituals. What better time than the present to commit to yourself and your health? It’s the now. It’s time. Massage Therapy is one of the most important pieces in the bigger picture of health. It increases circulation, releases toxins, relaxes muscles, joints and tissues. Most importantly, massage brings you peace and contentment. Rest and relaxation. So, take care of YOU. Your self care is the best care. ✨ Book your massage online ✨

Pineapple Pedicabs How to Reno this March

Well hot damn, the best team in the world won!!! 💪🏽 First and most importantly… LET’S GOOOO CHIEFFSSS!!!! Did you see us win the Super Bowl? It was a great GREAT game with the best halftime show that we've ever seen! ❤️💛❤️💛❤️ Are you wondering what to do for St. Patrick's Day? We have several options for you! 👇 KEEP SCROLLING! 👇 Also, did you make it to First Thursday? Did you try our suggested guided tour to MidTown First Thursday? No worries if you missed it, you’ll have another chance this week (fingers crossed winter calms down). And let's not forget weddings! Oh my gosh! We were lucky enough to get a last minute invite to attend the Reno Grand Bridal Showcase at the Grand Sierra Resort! Did you know you can use pedicabs for your weddings? Check out these adorable photos and learn even more about including pedicabs in the best day of your life here. Looking Forward: New Tours A ‘Irish Night Out' Tour 💕 Celebrate the Irish all month long with our curated tour of the Irish Bars in Downtown, Reno. This tour runs the month of March ONLY, so make sure to book your spot before the month is through. There is so much culture in our Biggest Little City to be explored, and we're ready to show you all things Irish! Dates: March 1-31 - will not run on St. Patty's Day Day of the Week: Tue-Sat Start times: every hour between 4-8pm Length: 2 hours Price: $67 per person Includes: Completely curated Irish night out! A pedicab tour of Downtown Reno, parking, 1 drink at all 3 stops, plus gratuity. Stops: Shanty Dolans: Your choice of Guinness or Proper 12 Ceol’s Irish Pub: Your choice of any pint, well drink, house wine or Irish Coffee 'Ole Bridge Pub: Choice of any well drink or draft beer Book Here 👌 RENO UNPLUGGED TOUR Well our first run of this tour was SOO much fun, we’ve decided to keep it going... Not sure what this tour is? Here's a refresher: It’s a tour to make new friends or connect with old ones. The best part about this tour is getting to use a 35mm camera! Oh and the fact that NO PHONES are allowed on this tour! Welcome back to the 90s. To keep things fresh the stops and specials will be rotating depending on the month and day of the week! Some of the activities include: making your own commemorative pint glass, playing fun icebreaker games, mead tours, making flower arrangements, and learning how to make an old fashioned cocktail! Every tour will be all-inclusive, including all listed activities above, alcohol (non-alcoholic version available), food and gratuity. Your opportunities to catch this tour this month are on March 26th and March 30th! Book Here Pineapple Pedicabs Event Guide - March March 2: From 4-9pm come hang at another fun edition of MidTown First Thursdays! You too can get Lucky in MidTown! There are lots of specials happening in town but a REAL good one is at Jade Cannabis! You get 20% off AND if you spend $40 or more you get a drink ticket to go get a beer or Sangria at Wonder Ale Works! March 6: Do you wanna glow to this fun party (get it? haha)? Black Light Paint & Sip Party at Black Rabbit Mead. Learn how to paint a picture so pretty that it's literally glowing! March 12: Reno's second-ever wedding crawl takes place 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.! We are super excited for this fun and unique town crawl! Get signed up for the event HERE. This is an event you won’t want to miss! We are even bringing out our cute Wedding Pedicab for the event! March 15: Into the Woods Paint & Sip Party at Peavine Taphouse. Create a mysterious woodsy-scene of your very own. Kara Beckmann will teach you how to paint the scene while enjoying a delicious beverage from Peavine. March 17: St. Patrick’s Day! Heading out on the town? Be smart-- don't drive, let us drive for you! We are offering FREE PEDICAB RIDES thanks to our parters at RTC! March 17-18: The sixth annual Lucky's St. Patty’s Day Crawl is here! Get tickets here for this fun holiday celebration. March 18: FREE pedicab rides in MidTown thanks to Jade Cannabis. One of our FAVORITE partners is back to help keep you safe for the boozy holiday celebration, in case your party has extended to not only the holiday but the day after (we don't judge!). March 18: Do your part for the community at the MidTown Clean Up! It’s time for some spring cleaning and a change to get your steps in and help clean up Reno! This will be the first of 3 spring leanings in MidTown designed to keep our city beautiful! 😁 March 23: Here's another wonderful Paint and Sip Party at South 40. Unleash your creativity while sipping a delicious beverage! March 27: Join in the fun at this Paint and Sip Party at Lead Dog in Sparks. This time around, you can learn how to create a piece called Spring Wildflowers. With all this cold weather and snow, is spring really coming?!? We promise it is, and you can dream about it being right around the corner while creating your very own painting and enjoying so great drinks! March 26 and 30: Join us for the Reno Unplugged Tour with Pineapple Pedicabs! In case you didn't get all the details of this wonderfully classic cell phone free tour, scroll up for all the info! March 31: Thrones of Blood at Cargo! It's metal March and time to enjoy that thumping drum and guitar heavy metal music! This is sure to be a super fun high energy show! 🤙🏾 New Partnerships! This month we're grateful to announce even more new partnerships with local Reno-based businesses. First, off RTC!! We are super excited to announce we have FINALLY partnered with RTC to bring you FREE pedicab rides on St. Patrick’s Day! Get all the deets in our event roundup above. Next, there's Bootleggers, a "Monthly Mastermind for Ballsy Business Folks"! Pineapple Pedicabs joined Bootleggers last year and have not regretted it! This isn’t like a normal boring biz group - this group threatens to cut off your fingers if you don’t follow through with your goals! Interested? You should be. The First meeting is free, and you can check it out here. Finally, we've also partnered with Scoot To The Stars, Reno’s cutest pups on 2 wheels! Scoot to the stars is a dog rescue that only takes in pups that are handicap! If you've ever seen our mascots Bill and Peggy, you know we LOVE dogs! We are super excited to be partnering with them to do our small part in helping these puppers. Please keep in mind that they are in need of donations and volunteers! So you too can get involved and help foster one of these precious babies! Check out their instragram or website to get involved! Hint hint: check out their Amazon or Chewy wish list to send a special gift for a dog in need. Are you an artist? 🎨 Well, stay tuned! We will are looking for ALL types of artists, even muralists, to do some amazing things in MidTown!!! It's time to get involved! Pretty soon we'll be putting out more info looking to get into some fantastic collabs with local artists and we want YOU!!! Advertising! As always, don’t forget we offer really fun and bright attention stealing advertising on our pedicabs! Like WOW! The folks above get it… you should too! Still looking for more pedicab inspired fun? Check out our calendar to plan ahead.

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