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Meet the Pineapples!

The Team


Jaime Chapman

Head Pineapple 

I love pedicabs, pineapples, and Reno! I started Pineapple Pedicabs in 2019, they say pineapples take a while to grow... not this pineapple 🙏🏻

775-234-8188 ext 3

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Pineapple Guide

Started riding a pedicab in college as a way to make some extra money, and as a way to get more miles on the bike for triathlon training. I was so excited to find PineapplePedicabs here in Reno - when I heard about them, I knew I had to get back into it. I love being out and around Reno, meeting people, and hearing their stories. There are so many interesting people doing amazing things in this town - can’t wait to hear your story!

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    Pineapple driver

    Professional fun-haver and Reno native. I'm in love with this city and bicycles. Why not mash the two together? Super cool with a go-getter attitude ready to take you on an awesome adventure. Powered by sunshine and passion, this pineapple is ready for fun!


    pedicab mechanic

    I'm a simple man: ride bike, turn wrench, drink coffee. Can be found laying on the ground fixing things or laying on the ground after crashing a bike. 



    pineapple driver

    I love living in the Reno/Tahoe area for multiple reasons, including the recreation. I am an avid trail runner and hiker, and being outside as often as possible makes me happy. Working for Pineapple Pedicabs is adding income to something I already love doing: exercise and socializing! It’s great to see Reno in a more intimate way and different perspective. 

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